About Us


J&J Royal established in 1997, located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C..

First company design military spec. components on the railway PC Board to extend the life circle in Taiwan.


Main customers include TRA(Taiwan Railway Administration),

TRTC(Taiwan Rapid Transit Corporation), TRSC(Taiwan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.),

National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Nuclear

Power Plant….ect.


Main products: Master Controller, Jumping Cable, Power supply, Preamplifier, Led display, Auto Power Controller, Emergency Intercom,

Power Panel of locomotive, Transmitter PC Board, Barrier-free access gate, air condition control board…etc

Service in : Mility spec. components, rebuild/repair/modify or new design

for old equipment and PC Board.


Main experience and business records:

Certification of repair Submarine driving motor PC Board.

▪ 1997: Import military components.

▪ 2002: Rebuild the aux. Control Panel for Push-Pull locomotive which was crushed by accident.

▪ 2004: New design Auto-by pass for TRTC.

▪ 2005: Rebuild GE locomotive Control PC Board to extend the circle life.

▪ 2006: Modified the instable Contactor of GEC Alston locomotive.

▪ 2007: Qualified company for military mobilization during the Ware.

             Replaced Master Control of GEC Alston to cost down for TRA .

             New design Transmitter PC Board for Taiwan Power and be listed as a qualified supplier with NCSIOST become

             the second non-nuclear PC Board supplier.

             Apply a military special welding training certification to repair ABB and GE Control Board for Taiwan Nuclear

             Power plant.

▪ 2008: Begin to invoice digital, analogy include Rada, X-ray and missile PC Board of NCSIOST.

▪ 2009: Rebuilt Crane Controller for Taiwan Ferdilizer Co.

             Resolve GE Mark 5 PC Board Wave problem and modify Siemens PC Board for Taiwan Power.

▪ 2010: Layout and circuit diagram arrangement of artificial satellite for National Space Central.

▪ 2012: Develop reel relay type automotive power control receiver to electronics control type. Be used in EMU800 and

             EMU2000 can be used in all kinds of locomotive in TRA. A patent is applying.

▪ 2013: Develop the first Driving Records for TRA Push Pull locomotive .

▪ 2014: New design Led display of barrier-free facilities and door alarm for TRTC.

             Succeessfully develop ICCD PC Board.

▪ 2015: New design Power supply PC Board of PP locomotive. 

▪ 2016: Taiwan agent for France Smiths Connectors special in railway Jumping Cabel and


2020:ISO 9001:2015 Transportation aerospace militry circuit planning and system integration and component manufacturing.   


We will update our informatiom.